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FWC-LOT 2-Private Sector- Spontaneous Application

Private sector
8.1. Private sector development policy and reform
8.2. Privatisation and industrial policy, including Public-Private Partnership
8.3. Sector policies (textile, mining, pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, tourism etc.)
8.4. SMEs policy development
8.5. Regulatory reform for improving the business environment
8.6. Investment promotion (domestic and foreign)
8.7. Small and Medium enterprises (SME) support (inclusive advisory services for management, production, technology, research & development, marketing, partnership, decent work, export promotion, financing, human resources management incl. gender issue, training, environmental impact, production quality, etc.)
8.8. Commercial banking, inclusive financial services to Small, medium and microenterprises (credit lines, equity, guarantees, micro-credit),
8.9. Financial sector regulation (incl. supervision of banking, insurance, pension funds, securities etc.)
8.10. Corporate governance issues (including corporate social responsibility)
8.11. Supporting professional/commercial/advisory bodies (professional associations, decentralised advisory agencies, local consultancy strengthening, Chambers of commerce, European Information Correspondence Centres (EICC), Business Centres